As the theme “Boosting Domestic Demand to Sustain the Economic Growth and Strengthen
the Cooperation with Overseas Market” continues to exert its influence in China, the development of China’s urban rail transit is now entering into an unprecedented stage of the development this year.

After the 9 years of successful experience, The 10th City-Rail Summit has enjoyed a great reputation in the rail industry and also is named as “Spring Gala for Metro People”.

As far as August, 2011, 50 subway lines have already been construction, which covered
1568km. So far, there are 96 urban rail transit project in 29 cities have been approved to
construct, which will cover around 2200km.

Till 2020, the total running mileage will be expanded to 7395km, the 4.3 times of current mileage, and the financial investment will be around 3 trillion. By the end of 2050, 289 metro lines covering 11700 km will be expanded. The year 2015 marks a boiling point in the development of Chinese rail industry definitely.

The purpose of this letter is to cordially invite you, on behalf of Shanghai Municipal Transport
Commission to attend the 10th City-Rail 2016 in rail transit industry. The 10th City Rail 2016
will take place from 16th to 17th of November 2016 in Shanghai. This event has the full
support from Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, Shanghai Urban Construction
& Communications Commission, Shanghai Shentong Metro Corporation Limited and
Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute.

Meanwhile, with the rapid and booming development of South-east Asia Urban Rail market ,
it has a very strong and tense demand for the Chinese enterprises, either. This time, we will
specially set the seminar of South-east Asia Urban Rail Communication to further strengthen
the cooperation with China. We gather together to think about the future development of that

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