3rd Annual
Canadian Crude Markets & Rail Takeaway Summit 2014
Calgary, Canada
September 24 – 25,2014

Canadian E&Ps, crude traders, railroad operators, and transloaders are highly concerned with how they can access the most profitable markets for their crude in the context of new rail safety requirements, and how they can identify the market destinations that will offer the best netbacks.

In the wake of these new rail safety requirements and the context of delayed Keystone XL approvals, constrained pipeline capacity, and discounted prices for Canadian crude in US markets, it is vital that each of these stakeholders focus on developing Canadian crude markets beyond traditional US markets, and find solutions to overcome the challenges of rail takeaway capacity and pipeline infrastructure.

For this reason, the 3rd Annual Canadian Crude Markets & Rail Takeaway Summit 2014 has been purposely designed to bring together speakers from every key stakeholder group, including: E&Ps, crude shippers, railroad operators, transloaders, rail car manufacturers, and refiners. They will evaluate opportunities for gaining access to lucrative markets in the Gulf Coast, West Coast, East Coast and waterborne export markets and outline rail and pipeline takeaway options for Canadian heavy and light crude.

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