The September festivities marking the railwaymen’s holiday will culminate this year on 24 September with the National Railway Day event, which will take place in Cheb. Historic rail vehicles as well as their most modern counterparts will be presented at the railway station and local depot. During the day, ČD will dispatch twenty pairs of special trains in five directions.

Another unusual experience will be an evening light show featuring historic locomotives. ČD is preparing National Railway Day in cooperation with the City of Cheb and the Karlovy Vary Administrative Region.

“The attractive programme will be divided into three parts, called World of History, World of Change and World of Entertainment. On display will be not only historic equipment, but also the national carrier’s most modern vehicles for regional as well as long-distance transport. For example, passengers in the Karlovy Vary Region know the Pendolino (class 880), but the most modern unit – the railjet – will be in attendance as well. Historic locomotives such as the Karkulka (“Little Red Riding Hood”, class T 444.0), Bardotka (“Bardot”, class T 478.1) and Kyklop (“Cyclops”, class T 499.0) will be present, and we will even bring along a freight train pulled by a steam locomotive – a true rarity. We anticipate that some thirty historic and contemporary rail vehicles will be on display at the depot, mainly from the Czech Republic,”
says ČD Board Member Michal Štěpán.

In addition to the station itself, people will exceptionally be able to get into the Cheb railway depot as well. On 24 September, special trains will travel from Cheb to Plesná, Luby, Mariánské Lázně, Karlovy Vary and Aš.  Throughout the day, two trains and four buses will shuttle passengers between the Cheb railway station and the Cheb depot. It will also be possible to walk to the depot, of course, and a fairy-tale journey will be prepared for

The programme of the National Railway Day festivities will gradually take shape and be updated and published on the website