Jamie Burton from the LBCG recently conducted an interview with Chris Binns, Head Of Engineering, Thameslink.
Chris Binns is Thameslink’s Head of Engineering. He will be speaking at the the ‘3rd Annual’ Electrification Infrastructure: Whole Life Cost Reduction Congress 2014
(29th- 30th October, London)

‘We Asked Chris:’

– How Did He Become Head Of Engineering For Thameslink ?

– What Has The Thameslink Project Involved ?

– What Specific Electrification Challenges Have They Faced ?

– How Has Thameslink Approached The Tendering And Contracting Process to Maximise Efficiency ?

– How Important A Factor Was Whole Life Costs And How Did Thameslink approach The Challenge Of Reducing It ?

– What Would Be Your His Piece Of Advice To A Foreign Infrastructure Manager Aiming To Deliver Major Upgrades To An Electrified Line Through Their Own Capital City ?

– Finally, What Has Been His Most Memorable Train Journey?