International Railway Journal (IRJ) and IRITS Events Ltd are pleased to announce the participation of expert producers of passenger information systems, LAWO Informationssysteme, at International Railway Summit 2016. LAWO will join rail industry leaders at the annual networking event as a Silver Sponsor.

LAWO, headquartered in Germany, specialises in passenger information systems, infotainment, software and tailored solutions. They are pioneers in the production of full-display systems and in the development of mobile passenger information systems. In 1985, LAWO were one of the first manufacturers of full matrix destination displays to enter the market.

Today, LAWO is part of Luminator Technology Group (LTG). Together with its sister companies Axion, BMG MIS, Focon, Gorba, Invertag, Luminator, Mobitec, TwinVision and VSN, LAWO forms a strong team in the field of passenger information systems with a comprehensive product portfolio, an experienced team and a worldwide network of partner companies. The passengers of more than 150 transport companies, both public and private, in over 35 countries around the world, use LAWO information systems.

LAWO products are exclusively developed in Germany and are subject to the strict requirements of the ISO 9001/KBA and ISO 14001 standard.

Markus Papke, Key Account Manager Rail, will showcase LAWO’s products and innovations during a Technical Review session at International Railway Summit 2016 and will also provide one-to-one consultation to rail sector leaders throughout the Summit, which takes place on 17-19 February 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

Mr Papke comments:
“LAWO is very pleased to participate in the International Railway Summit as a Silver Sponsor. The event is an ideal networking opportunity for the rail sector. In addition, the lectures and speeches always provide new and high-quality information about state-of.-the-art technology and latest industry trends. LAWO has therefore decided to join the ranks of the speakers at the 2016 event with a technical update that illustrates both the challenges and advantages of exact and meaningful passenger information.”

Organisations and individuals interested in learning more about International Railway Summit 2016 and about how they can participate in the event can visit or contact the organisers, International Railway Journal and IRITS Events.

Image courtesy of LAWO