Southern has just completed the refurbishment of its Class 377 Electrostar fleet. The programme, which started in July 2011, saw a total of 182 trains (700 carriages in all) upgraded. And as a result, Southern’s passengers are now enjoying trains that are as good as new.

Work on the trains include the interior and exterior refurbishment of the units with paint repairs undertaken, all grab poles removed and re-powder coated, carpets replaced, interior panels removed and recovered with anti-graffiti film, and new seat covers fitted throughout. At the same time, air conditioning units plus interior and exterior doors were also overhauled.

The programme was completed in-house at Southern’s Selhurst Depot, resulting in considerable time and financial savings when compared with refreshing them elsewhere.  All 700 carriages have been completely refreshed, having done around a million miles each.

About 1,500 man-hours of labour were required to complete each unit, or around 250,000 hours of work to complete the whole fleet.

Over the course of the programme, enough new carpet has been laid to stretch between Brighton and Gatwick Airport, enough Brush matting has been laid to carpet the whole of the Victoria Station concourse, 12 miles of anti-graffiti materials have been used, and 10,000 litres of paint have been used.