Supeo, IT and enterprise management system provider, have signed agreements to deliver their solutions to Movia and Arriva Train Denmark, starting in 2015.

Supeo will deliver Sitra, their suite of web and mobile applications for rail transport operators: Movia, one of the largest transportation operators in Denmark with over 220 m passengers each year; and Arriva, the first and only private company to be awarded a rail contract in the country, owning approximately 15 per cent of the regional rail network.

Sitra helps operators with management of documents, human resources, safety compliance, enterprise asset management, as well as real-time passenger information systems, ticketing systems and safety compliance.

Troels Hannecke, CEO & Founder of Supeo commented:
“Arriva Train Denmark is an exciting customer, because they have some healthy values that we identify with and a sterling collection of employees in Silkeborg and Kastrup who work very professionally in their key competences”

Mr Hannecke added:
“We consider signing with Movia quite a feat, because they serve about 220 million passengers annually and have quite the base to expand Sitra on. I look forward to working with Movia. I look forward to continue innovating our product in close cooperation with Arriva.”

Supeo are the Headline Sponsor of International Railway Summit 2016. In addition to providing a keynote presentation, Supeo will host the main exhibition stand and will provide one-to-one consultation to participating buyer companies as well as in networking functions throughout the summit.

Image: By Smiley.toerist (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons