With UK Rail Operators looking to utilise their existing trains to reduce cost, explore Abellio’s approach to new and existing trains for the Scottish rail network with Jan Chaudhry, Deputy Managing Director (Operations and Fleet,) Abellio UK.

Abellio UK, the latest franchise that won the £2.5bn Scotrail contract, have major ambitions for the network, so attend this lecture to gain an exclusive insight into what future developments are lined up.

This information is relevant to the entire industry, whether operating out of London or Liverpool, as it will highlight how you can improve your service via route upgrades, line re-openings, electrification potential and much more.

Benefits of attendance:

– Hear how to utilise existing and new trains on legacy infrastructure
– Learn about the plans Abellio UK has implemented and what is to come next for the ScotRail franchise

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