Recently, the first operational section of Fuzhou Metro Line 5 completed a 3-day free test ride, bringing it closer to the official operation start of the line.

Phase I of Fuzhou Metro Line 5 which will start operation soon is the first line with full coverage of 5G public communication in Fujian province. The line is 22.4km long and covers 17 stations. It will provide great traveling convenience to people along the line and inject new vitality into Fuzhou’s development.

The train used by the line is developed and manufactured by CRRC Tangshan, with a designed speed of 80km/h. Different from the “Happiness Red” of Line 1 and the “Banyan Green” of Line 2, the train of Line 5 features a simplistic coating style, using the elegant purple as its hue to give a visual impression of steadiness and grandness. The train is equipped with 43-inch LCD dynamic display screens, which not only display the number of carriages, but also show the position of the toilet, the accessible elevator and the exit. In addition, there are devices like wheelchair holder and three-fork handrail in each carriage, bringing better riding experience for passengers in every detail.

Going forward, CRRC will continue to optimize various service details and prepare well for the official operation start.